Mediation:  Tony has mediated labor disputes, employment law disputes, litigation disputes, and multiple party community issues for groups as small as two and as large as 25,000.  If there is enough money or potential downside litigation exposure to make a mediated settlement an attractive alternative to litigation, consider the relatively inexpensive choice of contacting Tony for further information and a candid discussion and cost/benefit analysis.

Elections:  Tony has been doing elections for well over 30 years, both as an advocate for labor and later management, as well as conducting elections for some 20 years as a neutral.  Everything from negotiated election agreements, card check elections (both private & public sector), on site elections, contract ratification votes, internal union or nonprofit board elections  — you name it.  If you are interested in ‘rolling your own’ election, contact Tony for an estimate.

Fact-Finding: As a neutral with the State and LA County’s Employee Relations Commission, Tony was prohibited from conducting fact-finding sessions.  On the other hand, many of his contract dispute mediation’s involved the equivalent of a ‘mini’ fact-finding process to aid the parties in finding a path to agreement — in education, cities, counties & special districts, and Transit.

Arbitration:  During his tenure with the Mediation Service, Tony was often requested to provide ‘what-if’ draft arbitration awards to guide the parties in deciding whether or not to settle their cases in mediation.  Often, this practice resulted in settlement.   Recently, at the request of a number of parties, he has added arbitration to his range of services.

Tony believes that his experience having worked for and with public agencies, particularly MMBA agencies, gives him a unique perspective as to how all of the internal moving pieces make each city, county & special district unique.

A short resume and rate sheet is available here